Get answers to common questions about the AAJGT.
How do I sign up to become a member of the AAJGT Tour?

Information about joining the AAJGT can be found on the Join page.

How much does it cost to become a member of the Tour?

There is an annual fee of $85 to become an AAJGT Tour member (your player can join during the Fall Series for a reduced fee). This membership fee provides players with tournament access through the end of the calendar year for which he/she has registered, a tee gift and other AAJGT items, and an invitation to both our year-end banquet and parent/child event.

How long does the Tour membership fee last?

Regardless of when you sign up during the year, the Tour membership fee is good until December 31st of that year.

Is the membership fee prorated if I join later in the year?

Yes, if you join the Tour for the Fall series only, you will pay a reduced fee and receive a smaller tee gift.

How do I enter my son or daughter in the next event?

You can view upcoming tournaments on the Tournaments page. Simply click the Register button to be redirected to BlueGolf to register your player and pay your entry fee.

How much does it cost to play in an event?

You must join the Tour in order to play in AAJGT events (there is an annual membership fee is $85 per player). The entry fee for each AAJGT event depends on age division and number of holes played. See Entry & Fees for more information.

How many days do tournaments last?

AAJGT has both one and two day events.

Can I still enter my child to play if I miss the entry deadline?

No. Once the entry deadline has passed, entries will not be accepted. There may be a very RARE occasion where the entry deadline would be extended by one or two days.

What yardage will my child play from?

Yardages vary by age division. See Format & Rules for details.

Can my child “play up” to an older age division?

In certain cases, we will allow players to play up to a higher age division. Tour Championship qualifying points ARE NOT carried over if a player changes divisions during the year. Click here to contact the Executive Director to make a request.

If my child has a birthday in the middle of a the season, will they be moved up to the next age division immediately?

No. Juniors must finish the current series of tournaments in the same age division that they started the series.

How do you withdraw from a tournament?

You can find information about how to withdraw, withdrawal deadlines, and entry fee transfers on the Entry & Fees page within the Tour section of the site.

If you withdraw from a tournament, can you apply the entry fee to a later event?

If a player withdraws from a tournament within 3 or more days of the event, his/her entry fee can be transferred and used toward another tournament. Withdrawals made in less than 3 days of the event are considered late and do not qualify for a fee transfer.

What does it mean if I’m an alternate?

It means that you’ve registered for an event in which there are more entries than spots available, and you have been placed on an alternate/wait list.

If you are an alternate and you get into an event, you will be notified immediately by Tour staff via text. If you do not get into an event, you will be guaranteed priority entry into the next event that you sign up for.

Will someone let me know if I get into a tournament as an alternate?

Yes. Tour staff will send a text message to your cell phone immediately.

Will my child be provided with a caddie or a cart?

9 hole age divisions must have a caddie at all times – this can be a parent or any individual at least 18 years old. For most tournaments, 18 hole age divisions may not have a caddie and must carry their own bags. However, for some select events, caddies will be allowed for all age groups.

Caddies may rent a cart at their own expense to carry a players clubs, but the player may not ride in the cart at any time except when being shuttled between holes (to keep pace of play). All players must walk during the play of each hole.

For complete information about format of play and Tour rules & regulations, please refer to the Format & Rules page.

Are parents allowed to caddie for their own child?

Yes. Parents and anyone at least 18 years old may caddie for Tour players in the 9 hole age divisions. For complete information about caddies, please see the Rules & Regulations on the Format & Rules page.

What are the spectator rules for AAJGT events?

Parents and spectators are allowed and encouraged to attend, but must remain on the cart paths at all times. Parents and spectators may NOT interact with players at any time, except to provide food or beverages.

Parents and spectators may rent carts at their own expense from the host course.

Does the AAJGT have team events?

The AAJGT conducts a special event at the end of each year – the Ed Hoard Cup – which is a Ryder Cup-style, team match play tournament. All other AAJGT tournaments during the year are individual competition.

If your junior golfer wants to participate in team practice and competition, we are proud to offer the Oconee Junior Golf League, which operates in the Spring and Fall each year. For more information, please see our League page.

Does the AAJGT ever recommend professional golf instruction for junior golfers?

Yes. Please contact us for more information about hiring teaching professionals for your junior golfer.